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Panndora's Box 2013
Oct. 11, 2013 — Oct. 13, 2013

7th Annual Festival of New Works

Venue EXPO Arts Center, Long Beach

by Larry Herold
directed by Pete Taylor

Jack is a CEO. He screwed up. Margot is a crisis manager. She's called in to make it all better. Jack's gonna be totally on board with that. Right?
A fast-paced, witty comedy by the author of "Sports Page," a 2010 Panndora's Box winner.
with Brian Byers, Derek Long, Pete Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, and Karen Wray

by Mark Milo Kessler
directed by Sonja Berggren

With her defeated leaders on trial, Hannelore Schneider struggles to escape postwar Nuremberg for a Nazi safe haven in South America. She meets a translator for the trial, their fates become intertwined, and his enigmatic kindness forces her to confront the consequences of her unquestioned ideology.
with Kevin Brunner, Carmen Guo, Derek Long, Pam Paulson, Phoef Sutton, Rebecca Taylor, Pete Taylor, and Karen Wray

by Ben Jolivet
directed by Karen Wray

Leo has always been unlucky in love, but tonight he knows he's found his soulmate in the mysterious Geoff. When the handsome stranger dies in Leo's bed, things look bad for the relationship--and for Leo's sanity, as he quickly discovers his bond with Geoff may be stronger than death.
with Jeff Gilbank, Caitlin Lowerre, Matt Muggia, Pam Paulson, Kevin Ragsdale, Jordan Simkovic, and Corey Zetterberg

by Steven Haworth
directed by Katie Chidester

Dana Wing's home is elegant and safe but her 15-year-old daughter Whitney runs away and is killed. Dana needs to understand why. When she witnesses the interrogation of Virgil, the black kid accused of killing her Whitney, she becomes convinced of two things: Virgil is innocent, and she has no idea who her daughter was. So she bails out the kid accused of killing her daughter, freaking everybody out, and together they explore the world where Whitney lived in the months before her death.
with J.J. Boone, Caitlin Bryson, Tıffanee Hall, Arturo Jones, Alec Lesnick, Derek Long, Cameron Moore, Amber Scott, Pete Taylor, and Rebecca Taylor

by Cecilia Fannon
directed by Pete Taylor

A woman must choose between the known and the unknowable when she meets a mysterious stranger. Written by the author of three previously produced Panndora Productions: "Time is a Gentleman, "BOO!" and "Scrooge's Really Really Bad Night." Cecilia Fannon is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter.
with Sonja Berggren, Pete Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, and Karen Wray

Honorable Mention

"BEAUTIFUL FIG" by Charlotte Colavin
"NOIR(ISH)" by Evan Guilford-Blake
"ODYSSEY'S END" by Wiliam S.E. Coleman


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