MEDUSA UNDONE ~ coming in 2015

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PANNDORA is delighted to announce the selection of MEDUSA UNDONE by Bella Poynton as our "Out of the Box" show for 2015. Directed by Sonja Berggren, the show will be held Spring 2015 at a place and date to be announced soon. Stay tuned for details!


"MEDUSA UNDONE" by Bella Poynton

A theatrical retelling of the little known Medusa origin story. Before she was one of the greatest mythical monsters of all time, Medusa was a kind, beautiful sea-nymph in Athena's service. Unparalleled in both her beauty and devotion to the Gods, Medusa catches the eye of the charming but narcissistic Poseidon. Interested only in the passions of the spirit, and not the flesh, Medusa feels she has no choice but to reject the greedy God. For this, she not only suffers violence at the hand of Poseidon, but also incites a deep-seated jealousy in Athena, with horrific and disturbing consequences. Medusa Undone explores how rape culture reverberates through the ages, and calls out attention to the great injustice suffered by female victims of abuse.  [pen and ink drawing by Madeleine Bellwoar]

with Carmen Guo, Derek Long, Caitlin Lowerre, Deneen Melody and Karen Wray






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