Take the leap, writers . . . you know you want to! And you might even end up with a full production!

New works, full length or long one acts, which have not been previously produced are eligible for consideration for this our 12th PANNDORA'S BOX Annual Festival of New Works. A couple of submission tips: we aren't really set up to produce musicals, so it's not really worth your time and money to submit them. (We have looked at a few in years past, but they haven't ended up in the chosen 5.) Similarly, we don't produce children's works. Otherwise, the field is open. Bring it on!

Don't miss the boat! Submit by July 1 - THIS WEEKEND!


There are  two ways to submit works to PANNDORA'S BOX. Email them directly to [email protected], or mail a hard copy to Sonja Berggren at P.O. Box 30733, Long Beach, CA 90853. If you submit by mail and want your script returned, please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope. (We prefer electronic submissions as they are easier for our committee to read and share.)

You may submit up to 2 plays for consideration.


Because this festival has been so successful from an artistic standpoint, and because we want to continue to hold these festivals in the future, we assess a reading fee of $10 per script to help offset our costs, which include theatre rental, copying scripts, printing programs, advertising, professional reviewers.

Play Submissions


Five plays will be selected to be read over the weekend. One on Friday night, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. Each play will be read by experienced actors with the benefit of an experienced director and some rehearsal (these are not cold readings). If they cannot attend the Festival, we will make a video recording of the reading for the playwrights. We also hire professional theatre critics to write critiques of each play for the playwrights. It's a great weekend for playwrights, actors, directors, and our audience members who now love this window into the process of play development.

We are happy to return to our friends at THE GARAGE THEATRE for our 12th Festival!

For 7 years, our productions have come out of PANNDORA'S BOX:

JUPITER MOON  by  Bob Valine in 2018
IN KINGS & FOOLS by  Kevin Daly in 2017,
SWEET TEXAS RECKONING  by Traci Godfrey in 2016,
MEDUSA UNDONE  by Bella Poynton in 2015,
FRAGILE THING CRACKS by Ben Jolivet in 2014,
CATCHING THE BUTCHER by Adam Seidel in 2013, and
HOOK UPS by Alexandra Petri in 2012.

Check out these playwrights' comments ~

Are you ready for a magical journey? The talented, wonderfully thoughtful and supportive artists of Panndora Productions will take you on such a journey as your play comes to life before an audience in love with the new and unknown. From the first read-through via FaceTime to the discussions with the director and actors after the performance, I experienced JUPITER MOON in a way I never had before-as living theater, as a mysterious creative process, as something more than I could have ever imagined when I wrote the play. That was the great gift for me--the wonderful process where the words I've written, the actors, and the audience create together something new, fragile, precious--the performance of a play. After that, I saw playwriting as something totally different, and even more challenging and exciting-as a magical journey into a new experience, a new world, together.
Bob Valine, author of this year's show JUPITER MOON

Working with Panndora was one of the best experiences of my professional career.  They provide dramaturgical support, a skilled director, and talented actors for a rehearsed reading where they really focus on the story the playwright's trying to tell. They commit themselves to getting the writers everything they need to truly develop their play.  The best part: the Panndorians are committed to producing at least one of the plays from the festival-- it's truly a special opportunityKevin Daly, author of IN KINGS & FOOLS, 2017

As a playwright, it is extremely rare to be able to watch one's work with a blank slate and objective eye. It is almost impossible to be able to simply sit and enjoy the work on the stage without judgment, conscious or otherwise. However, when I attended Panndora's Box production of my play Sweet Texas Reckoning last weekend that is exactly what I was able to do. I could not be more proud of this production and am forever indebted to the amazing team at Panndora's Box for giving me this extraordinary gift. Tracey Godfrey, author of SWEET TEXAS RECKONING, 2016

I would give my eye teeth to spend the rest of my career working with people as thoughtful and lovingly creative as you all—and I hope someday we get to work together again, because what a joy that would be. But more than that, I want you to keep creating the work of writers whose plays you flat out love, because writers deserve that. So keep making the choices you make based on your love for those scripts and do not settle for less than love, because the work is so beautiful when it comes out of that and it really is such a gift. Ben Jolivet, author of FRAGILE THING CRACKS, 2014




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