Reporting from Corona Quarantine ~

Dear Panndora Family ~

We hope you are safe and well during these challenging times. Because the Corona Virus has shut down our theatres, we are sad to postpone our production of IN MY BONES by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield.  We will bring you this compelling story as soon as it is safe and we are able to do so.

The good news is that our PANNDORA'S BOX is proceeding as planned. This Festival can virtually happen virtually. We are accepting submissions from April 1 - June 1, 2020, and encourage all our playwright friends to take this opportunity to send in their works. 

Playwrights, your work is more essential than ever. You are the storytellers who mirror our experiences, our fears and our dreams. We will look back on your works when these dark times are behind us. For now, while we shelter in place, take advantage of the quiet to pause, reflect and write. We are here, ready and waiting to read your work.



August 28-30, 2020


New works, full length or long one acts (over 60 minutes), which have not been previously produced are eligible for consideration for PANNDORA'S BOX 14th Annual New Works Festival, August 28-30, 2020.

Every play submitted will be read by at least 2 people. Finalists are read and debated by more than a dozen folks. We take our role seriously!

Our last 9 productions have come straight "Out of the Box." If you want to get your play read - or maybe even produced, submit to PANNDORA'S BOX.


It's easy to submit. Email your scripts directly to: [email protected] Your electronic submission allows us to share scripts among our team of readers. No children's plays or musicals please. (Just not our thing.) You may submit up to 2 plays for consideration.

Reading fee ~ $10 

Because this Festival has been so successful from an artistic standpoint, and because we want to continue to hold these festivals in the future, we assess a reading fee of $10 per script to help offset the costs of the Festival and the future production of the winning play.

There are two ways to pay the fee: the old fashioned way of writing a check to Panndora Productions and mailing it to: P.O. Box 30733, Long Beach, CA 90853; or paying on line through PayPal, which you can do right here:

Play Submissions


We are delighted to return to THE GARAGE THEATRE in Long Beach for this year's Festival. Five plays will be selected to be read over a weekend, one Friday night, and two on both Saturday and Sunday. Each play will have an experienced cast and director. In addition, each play will receive a critique from a professional theatre critic and written audience comments. We also provide a link to a video recording of the reading.

We remain optimistic that the world situation will allow theatres to resume normal operations by the time of our Festival and that this year's Festival will be an exciting weekend filled with playwrights, actors, theatre lovers, and supporters. If this does not come to pass, our Festival will still go on in some Virtual Format to be determined. THIS FESTIVAL IS HAPPENING!

Winners will be announced August 1

The art and craft of playwrighting can be a lonely experience. PANNDORA'S BOX provides playwrights with a forum in which their plays can be heard as they come off the page in readings by experienced actors with experienced direction.

You can submit scripts from April 1 - June 1, 2020.

Producing new works is what Panndora does.


AUGUST 28-30, 2020 at the GARAGE THEATRE




by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield | directed by Sonja Berggren

Simidele, a West African teenager with an horrendous history, not to mention, attitude, meets/collides with Antonia, a straight-laced professor of Botany with secrets of her own, as they are forced to become room-mates, detainees in the Brideswell Immigration Detention Centre, England. Agassou, a magical panther, who resides in the gigantic Baobab tree over Simi's bed, watches over her, guiding her magical juju gift. "In My Bones" is the story of two very different women’s relationship and their eventual friendship, born out of the need to trust . . . and survive.

with Kea Bird, Craig Johnson, Tiffani Williams, and Karen Wray




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