FESTIVAL, OCT 20, 21, 22, 2017


11th Annual PANNDORA'S BOX Festival of New Works  ~

Come celebrate the 11th Panndora's Box with us at the Garage Theatre in Long Beach over the weekend of October 20, 21, 22.

5 plays read over 3 days and nights. 

And here's the line up!



FRIDAY NIGHT, OCT 20 at 8:00pm

THE DOGS POND by Travis G. Baker
The play centers on a small band of veterans of our most recent wars, who have gathered for a reunion at their uncle's fishing camp cabin on the Dogs Pond in Maine.  They are vivid, complicated, quirky, messed-up, fully human characters that don't explain or apologize for the way they are. They drink, they smoke pot, they reminisce, they share their crazy stories, they remember friends lost, they argue, they fight, and they try to make sense of the world and their lives in it.  The uncertainty and dangers they face now seem no less than what they faced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Filled with funny, lively, colorful exchanges and stories, The Dogs Pond shifts from the obscene and the comedic to poetic prologues that linger like desperate prayers.

directed by Rebecca Taylor 

with Troy Barboza, Philip Bushell, Derek Long, Erik Pfeifer, Pete Taylor, Corey Zetterberg, and Craig Johnson  

SATURDAY, OCT 21 at 2pm

JUPITER MOON by Bob Valine

A man looking for a room finds himself living with a woman lost in a world of pain and memories, her teenage son who knows there has to be a better world and would rather live on the moons of Jupiter, and her teenage daughter who knows that her high school is farther away than Jupiter and growing up is enough of a wild and confusing journey. Together they take a journey exploring the distance between people and arrive where they started--at the beginning of a journey together.

directed by Derek Long   

with Sonja Berggren, Colleen McCandless, Erik Pfeifer, Jonah Ethan Snyder, and Carmen Guo 

SATURDAY, OCT 21 at 5pm

CADAVER DOGS by Greg Atkins  

In San Bernardino, CA, 1983, police dog trainer Amanda returns home from searching for disaster victims and, still reeling from her trip, encounters Wade, a semi-famous author of murder mysteries desperately seeking her help to find his missing wife.  Add to the mix a scheming sister, a jealous Sherriff and a tequila-fueled night of drinking, and it quickly becomes apparent that nothing is what it seems, family secrets are revealed and murder is on everyone's mind.

directed by Karen Wray  

with Adam Brooks, Erin Henriques, Caitlin Lowerre,  Nick Emmett McGee, and Bill Vetro  

SUNDAY, OCT 22 at 1pm

WITCH CAMP by J. Thalia Cunningham 
When Sharifa, an African American doctor, volunteers at a small health clinic in northern Ghana, she assumed she'd be the one healing the Africans. And she assumed witchcraft had disappeared in the 17th century. Through her spiritual as well as geographic journey through West African thought, breast cancer, and the concentration-like camps for elderly women accused of witchcraft, Sharifa discovers that the Africans have healed her as much in return.  

directed by Pete Taylor

with Kea Bird, Philip Bushell, Ursaline Bryant, Jahna Houston, Ree Johnson, C.J. Williams, and Rebecca Taylor

SUNDAY, OCT 22 at 4pm

WILLISTON by Adam Seidel 

The year is 2013. President Obama is in the flow of his second term, the world is clamoring for alternative sources of fuel, and the US domestic energy boom is in full swing. Three oil reps for a small Midwestern energy company (two veterans and one newbie) come to Williston, North Dakota to score the rights to valuable land. What becomes apparent during the trip is how a new generation of deal making threatens the two veteran reps. "WILLISTON" examines the ways in which we try to carve out our slice of the American dream and asks the question, "At what point does the quest for progress cause irrecoverable damage to our surroundings and ourselves?"

directed by Sonja Berggren 

with Andrew Nowak, Pete Taylor, Karen Wray,  and Erin Henriques


COMMUNITY GARDEN by Ben Jolivet   


HEARTS OF STONE by Donna Hoke 


THE PLAY ABOUT A DICK by Aaron Wilton  


and then what? One of these plays will be our Spring production!
For the last 6 years, we have gone on to produce one of the winning plays: In Kings and Fools by Kevin Daly in 2017, Sweet Texas Reckoning by Traci Godfrey in 2016, Medusa Undone by Bella Poynton in 2015, Fragile Thing Cracks by Ben Jolivet in 2014, Catching the Butcher by Adam Seidel in 2013, and Hook Ups by Alexandra Petri in 2012.

We are proud of this record and remain committed to looking first in PANNDORA'S BOX for our productions. If you want to know what show PANNDORA will be producing next spring - come check out the Festival and help us decide which!
For those who submitted this year and in years past, we are in awe of your talent and respect the gifts you share with us. Thank you for submitting and sharing in the fun! 
Sonja & Karen
the Panndora girls


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